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4 Great Ways to Drive Comfortable

4 Great Ways to Drive Comfortable

4 Great Ways to Drive Comfortable:


Driving is a part of daily life, especially if you are living in a large city or somewhere very spread apart. We drive to run errands like buy groceries and pick up the kids, and we drive to work or to school. So wherever you are headed to behind the wheel (or as a passenger), find ways to make your journey more comfy and convenient. Today, we’re sharing 5 smart items to make your commute and drive better.

1. Organize on the inside


Premium Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer:

A notepad astray. Coins littered about. And a pen that is always playing the vanishing act. Tired of not being able to find anything while you’re behind the wheel or stopped to jot down notes from a call? Then it’s to get organized.

Thankfully, this handy console from The Auto Merch makes cleaning up a cinch. From drinks to pens and coins and your smartphone, keep your essentials stored together and right by your side as you drive. The Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer fits snugly in the space between your car seat and your center console and gear shift — so everything is within your hand’s reach.

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2. Stay charged

Phone Holder For Car With Charger

We’re always on our phones — and they always need sufficient battery in order for us to keep using them. If you’ve got a phone with wireless charging capability but don’t have a charging pad or much space in your driver’s range, consider this: a charging port that fits right into your cupholder. Yeah, that’s right — just slip your phone in and charge.

One Tap Release & Lock:

① Put in your phone with one hand, It will automatic clamping.

② Touch the button on the right, automatic release.

-Fast Charging: Upgrade the coil chip to achieve 10w fast charging.
-Samsung phones can reach 10W fast charge,
-iPhone can reach 7.5W fast charge, you need to use QC 3.0 Car Charger.

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3. Take device-charging to the next level

Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable


Charging your phone but annoyed at how the charging port head limits the mobility of your phone? Or is someone in the backseat charging his iPad but can only hold it at a weird angle due to the physical limits of the charging cord? We understand that frustration, so we highly recommend you use our multifaceted charger cable: available in Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB configurations, you can find the right cable (in a variety of colors) perfect for your device(s).

A charging connector with a magnetic end plugs right into your phone or device’s charging port, while a charging cable (available in 3.3 feet or 6.6 feet) with a magnetic end connects right to your plug. No more clumsily stabbing at your phone with a traditional charging port because the connection is all magnetic — and a built-in LED light on your connector port makes it easy to find your device in the dark. Plus, 360-degree rotation on your charging connector ensures you are free to twist and turn any which way with your device while it is charging. It’s everything you need in one cool charger.

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4. Protect your shades

Car Eyeglass Holder

Beware: your glasses are prone to damage in your car. If you don’t have a proper case or space for storage in your vehicle, consider this handy clip-on stick.

Tired of tossing around your glasses?
It looks like that there is not an appropriate place for them in your car.

Many drivers place their shades in the cup holder, dashboard, car door storage etc..  Where not only they can obstruct your view but also they can fall, get scratched and crushed.

This multipurpose and convenient Smart Eyeglass Holder is the solution for you!!

👓Its modern and metal design makes it suitable for every cars interior,

👓it is discrete and can be placed anywhere,

👓It holds firmly with no shacking and zero vibration noise,

👓it is gentle with your eyeglass temples thanks to his internal sponge layers.


Item Specifications:

Weight: 40g
Width: 4.2cm
Height: 1.2cm
Length: 5.7cm
Material: Metal+ABS

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We hope you set out on your journeys with greater peace of mind with our 4 great product ideas.
Remember to always drive without distraction from smartphones or built-in car navigation systems or back-up cameras.



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